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If you added me because of the epic ZQ post on ONTD, thank you very much, and I apologize for having the worst LJ ever. I hope to change that in the near future.

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hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii bb

haha I think I did. also because, like myself, you rock.
but I never use LJ except for ONTD. so I may be a boring 'friend' lol.

bb, I had such fun chatting last night in the epic CP/ZQ posts! I NEVER really post in my journal, so don't worry about a million posts on your friends' page! :-) ty for the add!

Most of mine is just my twitter updates, so I can not judge you. Not that I would anyways, since I'm so not a judger!

Yay hello bb! I enjoy your icon.

No worries! I've had an LJ for awhile now, but very rarely post on my own journal.

You must watch TVD. The first few eps are slow, but then it gets soooooo good, especially when Ian walks around without his shirt and dances around drunkenly. You'll love it!

Loved hearing about your Ian experience at Comic-Con. I live in San Diego, but have never been. I'm so going next year.

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